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Tourist Organization of Bijelo Polje

The tourist organization is a legal entity whose members are the Municipality, as a founder, as well as legal and natural persons who have their head office or organization part at the territory of the municipality. They earn their income by touristic and catering as well as tourism connected activities. According to the Law of Tourism Organizations the tourist organization was established on March 23, 2012.The legal personality was acquired by registration in the Register of tourism organizations on May 8, 2012 led by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.
The work of the Organization is open to the public and it is operated by members who may be mandatory and voluntary. The organization has a professional service for professional and administrative duties related to the duties and obligations of the Organization. The work of the organization is based on the principle of general utility without realizing immediate profits.

The tasks of the organization are:

  • Improvement, promotion and presentation of the original value of Bijelo Polje’s municipality, through various promotional means (graphics – posters, leaflets, printed publications, tourist maps, videos, web sites, marketing materials, etc.), organizing and participating in trade fairs and tourism markets, organizing special presentations and activities on publishing activities in order achieve better propaganda.
  • Creating the conditions for activation of tourist resources in the municipality,
  • Cooperation with legal entities and individuals who have a business case for a tourist hotel or the complementary activities in order to negotiate, prepare and implement a development policy of tourism in the municipality of Bijelo Polje.
  • Encouraging, coordination and organization of cultural, artistic, entertainment, economic, sports and other events that contribute and encourage the promotion of tourism.
  • Encouraging the activation area of ​​the municipality that are or aren’t involved in the tourist trade.
  • Encouraging and organizing the activities aimed at the protection and preservation of the tourist areas, the environment and cultural heritage.
  • Realization of the residence program activities of the study groups and journalists in the municipality
  • Providing services and information to tourists
  • Organization of the tourist-informational bureaus in the tourist places.
  • Recording and monitoring of tourist traffic in the municipality.
  • Cooperation with governmental and municipality’s bodies for the purpose of the adoption and implementation of local measures to improve the conditions of stay of tourists in the municipality
  • Cooperation with local associations and non-governmental organizations in the tourism and hospitality industry and their complementary activities.
  • Cooperation with all tourist organizations
  • Implementation of the surveys and other research in order to determine the quality assessment of the tourist offer and products in the municipality.
  • Preparation of the reports and information required by the National Tourism Organization
  • Performing of other activities to promote tourism of the Municipality.
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