Ćamil Sijarić (1913-1989)

Ćamil Sijarić is a well-known storyteller,novelist and a poet of Sandzak. Prose writing of Ćamil includes short stories, novels,travelogues, reports, critical articles etc. By his overall literary work, Ćamil Sijarić has found the best and most efficient way to reflect the life of Bosniaks, their tradition, culture, customs, a spoken language of the areas of Bihor, Pešter, Novi Pazar, or Sandzak in general. He is the writer of an impeccable style and melanholic vision of human passing. Eglen Effendi , the linguistics silversmith,has masterfully incorporated the elements of classical narrative in modernistic narrative process. His novels belong to the South Slavic prose of the twentieth century.These novels are : “Bihorci”,  “The battle of Mojkovac”,  “Residence ” and a collection of short stories  “The French Cotton.”









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