We inform you that the path for walking on snowshoes is the Mountaineering Center "Cmiljača" marked and ready for use, promotion of this track will work with the first snow as the beginning of the winter tourist season.

Walking on snowshoes is one of the oldest snow activities, which has grown significantly in recent times. This kind of recreation is especially suitable for those who do not ski, so when they are in the snow or ski resort, they can walk and recreate on snowshoes. Special skills for walking on snowshoes are not needed and everyone who loves nature and recreation in nature can use them.

Footpath on the snowshoes mountain home "Cmiljaca" starts at an altitude of 921 m, which is also the lowest point, while the highest point of the track is 1760 m. The height difference between the lowest and the highest point is 839 m, while the height of the entire ascent of this path is 889 m. The length of the path from the place of departure to the mountaineering house "Cmiljača" is 7.7 km, and the time of climb to the hiking house is around 5.30 h. The length of the entire track is 15.4 km. The largest part of the path passes through the beech and coniferous forest, which is even on the parts that lead the earth road very thick. Numerous turns and serpentines leading through this landscape make this track very interesting. The trail in its last part provides good views of the valley of Lim and Bijelo Polje.


 How to use snowshoes? Snowshoes, which are not standard sizes, winter shoes are fited into snowshoes, including snowboard shoes. For easier movement in the snow, snowflakes are used in addition to snowflakes that are set to be at the height of the elbow.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. The partners in the realization of the project were the Local Tourism Organization of Bijelo Polje and the Mountaineering Association of Montenegro. The host is the Local Tourism Organization of Bijelo Polje.

You will be informed about the promotion date of the course in a timely manner.



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