Restaurant Karavan is located on the highway Prijepolje – Bijelo Polje. It is 1.5 km away from the border crossing Dobrakovo. This facility is 200 km away from the sea. The restaurant is a part of “Kanje Commerce doo Bijelo Polje. There are Minimarket and Pension as a part of the facility. The facility was built in 2005 using quality materials. The facility is located on the hill that gives all visitors a beautiful panoramic view of the idyllic nature of the river Lim. Special charm to the whole facility is given by a wonderful organization of the summer terrace. Great number of guests after one visit come to visit us again.

CARAVAN RESTAURANT offers a wide selection of dishes from local and international cuisine, including fifteen kinds of salad. During the summer we emphasize the offer of fresh lamb and kid baking. Our guests are all travelers and tourists from every country from the surrounding area, as well as from Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Hungary and other European countries. This place provides an ideal opportunity for a pleasant rest after crossing the border crossing or returning from the sea. Kind and cheerful staff restaurant provide entire experience. As part of the entire facility, there is a minimarket that offers every kind of food products, beverages, tobacco products and other products at very affordable prices. On the floor of the building there is a board with one suite and three rooms (double room and two triple rooms). There are balcony and bathrooms in every room designed according regulated standards. There is a TV connected to a digital television with all the accompanying details in every room. Price of night spent in the apartment is 15 euros, while sleeping in a room is 10 E per person. Special nights: reservations can not be charged additionally; in the case of an extended stay we provide discounts of 20-30%. Visit us and see that this is not just advertising.

  • Specialties – buckwheat and corn polenta with cheese cream – buckwheat pancakes with cream or sour cream
  • Lamb and kid roast
  • Omelette (2 eggs) with beef ham, omelette with domestic cheese – omelette with chicken – cooked eggs
  • Fish – trout and skobalj
  • Every type of salad
  • Cakes

We mention that theer is a very large and accessible parking place.

Phone: +382 (0) 69 634 010

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