By the presence of many people and rich cultural program, there is a traditional sport tourism event called the regatta of Lim which is held from the source of the Lim River in the Plav Lake. The event involved the rafters from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary and others. According to the plan the competitors cross the section of 130 kilometers long from Plav over Murino, Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje to Prijepolje. Rafting by the Lim River is very interesting because of big rapids especially in Tifranskoj gorge, followed by a quiet part of the river stream and scenes of dark green depths of the river. This event is increasing more and more and is making a significant contribution to the development of tourism and extreme sports. Bringing together the rafters from the region, many nature lovers and lovers of an extreme sports then tourists looking for companionship and fun that are more and more from year to year, this event  deserves to be put into a program of major events in the development of sport in Bijelo Polje. The organizers of this event are the local tourist organization Bijelo Polje, RTO Bjelasica and Komovi, local tourism organizations of Plav, Andrijevica,  Berane and Prijepolje as well as the rafting clubs Tifran and Lim.

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