Cave over Devil’s whirlpool is the largest and most beautiful cave in Montenegro. The cave is about 17.5 km long with significant potential for further speleological research. It is located in the Djalovica gorge of untouched nature which, because of its characteristics was declared as the natural monument.
Cave over Devil’s whirlpool consists of a number of channels, corridors and halls that according to the position and other morphological characteristics can be divided into different sections “Channel with the lakes,” “The Great Maze”, “Great channel” and part of the cave below the Great channels separated by siphons – Channel behind the siphon.

The cave can easily be reached from two directions. The first one is from the valley of the Bistrica River to the monastery of Podvrh which is 24km far from Bijelo Polje. Then, going by a path up the river Bistrica, and dry riverbed of the gorge with a length of 3 km takes about 2 hours of hiking.
Another route is from the village of Djalovici which is 48 km away from Bijelo Polje. The footpath from the village leads to the dry part of the Đalovića gorge. Height difference between the gorge and the area of the village Djalovici is about 450 m.



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