The now traditional festival ''Ušće Fest Bijelo Polje'' was held for the first time 2014.year on the most beautiful location for the festival programs in the north of Montenegro, at the mouth of the river Bistica and Lim. It waiting a decades to such this idea, that people show that the mouth of a gift of nature, and that it is up to us to tourist and cultural valorized, improve localities with necessary amenities, and ensure that, not only through the festival '' Usce Fest '' but also every day during summer to be a place for family holidays, as well as an ideal place for camping settlement in our town.

''Ušće fest Bijelo Polje'' offers a blend of sports and quality music.

In the part of the music program, performances best ranked DJs and bands from the region.

The main concert of 2014 was the rock band ’’CRVENA JABUKA’’ and the main concert 2015 rock band ''RIBLJA ČORBA'', spectacle with their biggest hits it lasted long after midnight.

The aim of this festival is to leave and attract attention of many people, and so gained the status of one of the most visited festival in the north of Montenegro. Festival ''UŠĆE FEST'' moved and deletes the border, connects people of different religion, culture .. We have created a festival that belongs exclusively to young people, and on the other side of the festival, which is open to all people of good will, regardless of age.



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