The amateur drama festival in Montenegro was established in 1970. Since then, the Festival has moved on and showed that the amateur theatricals in Montenegro developed. This festival has become a benchmark for quality not only in Montenegro, but in the wider region, because the performances of the festival represent Montenegro at festivals in the region. To participate in the Festival each year apply an average of 12 to 15 plays. The selector of the festival has a very tough job each year to choose between these shows 7 to 10 performances that will be the participants of the festival competition. The decision on the winner brings the jury, composed of renowned names of theatrical life in Montenegro such as Blagota Erakovic, Goran Bulajić and others. The festival of dramatic amateurs is an event of positive vibrations of connections between people. At least a few thousand people of Bijelo Polje and surrounding areas watch the program of the festival for seven days.

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