Ratković’s Evenings of Poetry dedicated to Montenegrin writer Risto Ratković has an international character. The evenings of poetry has held since 1970 .Since then, literary prize “Risto Ratkovic” has been awarded to the best poetry book published between the two events, as well as three awards of Ratković‘s evenings of poetry to a poets under the age of 27. Only the poets from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia have the right to apply for the award competition. Each of these countries has a coach who proposes five books produced by their country. As a reward for unpublished collection of poetry by authors under the age of 27.The poets from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia have also the right to apply. Within the REP (Ratković’s Evenings of Poetry), every year it is published a book of awarded young author and an anthology of poetry of some of the country participants of REP. Besides the poets from the region a poets from all over the Europe attends the event. Apart from REP program held in Bijelo Polje, many participants were presented to the audience in Mojkovac Berane, Cetinje and Podgorica. The fact that shows the importance of this event in the cultural life not only Bijelo Polje but Montenegro in general is that since 2010 the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro has declared this event a cultural event of great importance for Montenegro.


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