The international Art Encounters “Old Bridge” are usually held in July next to the Old Bridge in Lozna Luka in Bijelo Polje. The artists from France, Germany, England, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and other countries gathered every year in this picturesque environment. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage creative people in the field of fine arts to transpose their impressions by the environment of Bijelo Polje, by people, then in general by the atmosphere of Montenegrin North into an artistic statement. The international Art Encounters “Old Bridge” of Bijelo Polje is a respectable art event that within the general recognition and mapping of Bijelo Polje, as a cultural center of the northern of Montenegro, has resulted in the production of important art discourse induced by multi -cultural encounters of people and the environment.
The Art Spring of Bijelo Polje has held on March 21st since 1994.Every year it brings together the academics and self-taught where everybody has a chance to show their artistic talent, vision, inspiration. Today, many famous painters left into the world of paintings from the gallery of the Culture Center of Bijelo Polje and the collective art exhibition of the art spring of Bijelo Polje. Many of them were just encouraged by the art spring of Bijelo Polje to tie their life to the brush and easel. Many of these galleries have come to the important temples in the world of painting, to University departments and art symposia.


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